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  • 10 Litter Box Tips from Fairfax Pet Care

  • Hi Folks!
    We see a lot of litter boxes in our line of work, so we know the troubles that cat owners sometimes face.
    Since we frequently get asked if we have any litter box tips, we thought we’d try to share a little bit of information to help out!
    – In general, a litter box should be about 1 and 1/2 times the size of your cat.
    – You’ll typically want 1 box per cat.
    – The litter should be no more than 2″-3″ deep.
    – Make sure the litter box is in an easily accessible location without a ton of traffic/distractions.
    – The litter box should be cleaned daily, and you should change litter regularly (about once every 1-2 weeks).
    – If your cat is particularly messy with his/her litter, you might want to consider a litter box with a top. Just make sure you don’t forget to clean it!
    – Cats are usually not fond of change, so avoid constantly changing litter, litter boxes, or litter box location.
    – For the most thorough cleaning, and for your cat’s comfort, it is best to use a fine-grain, clumping litter.
    – Keep your cat’s litter box away from their food/water.
    – Avoid using litter box deodorizers or other artificial smells in or near the box.
    Of course, each situation is different, so make sure to adapt to the needs of your individual pet. And remember, if you need a great cat sitter, the good folks at Fairfax Pet Care are always happy to help!
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