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  • 5 Tips for a Happy Halloween From FPC! 🎃

  • 44380824 - cute cat dressed as a witch and dog wearing super hero costume for halloween with a jack-o-lantern pumpkinWe at FPC want to make¬†sure that all of our furry friends have¬†a very fun and safe Halloween! ¬†Check out our¬†5 quick¬†tips below:

    1. Boo! Like all holidays, the added noise and excitement of our surroundings on Halloween can spook some dogs and cats.  Do your best to keep your pets calm and away from loud noises and too many new (and scary) people.
    2. Trick or Treat… but make sure you keep all of the treats far away¬†from your pets. ¬†Candy is never good for our dog or cat¬†pals, and some candy can even be extremely harmful.
    3. Costumes are fun, but be careful.¬†¬†Your costume can sometimes contain parts that are harmful to your pet if ingested, so be sure to clean up all that fun makeup and rubber nose glue stuff. ¬†If dressing your pet, be sure to use only safe, non-toxic materials. ¬†Also, make sure you never restrict your pet in any way or cause them distress with their costume. ¬†If your pet isn’t one who enjoys dressing up, it’s best to let them sit this holiday out.
    4. Pumpkins and skulls and fake hands, oh my! Be wary of any decorations that your pup might have fun chewing on when you’re not looking. ¬†That includes wires for all those spooky Halloween lights and sound effects.
    5. Inside is best for pets on Halloween. ¬†We’ve all heard the horror stories; Some people just aren’t very nice, and Halloween can bring out the ghoul in them. ¬†For their safety, pets should never¬†be left unsupervised outside on Halloween, and outdoor cats should be brought in for a few days surrounding the holiday for extra caution. It’s also best to keep your pets away from the door when handing out candy, and always make sure they are wearing identification – just in case they decide to escape all the madness!

    We hope you have a super spooky and safe Halloween, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more tips, cute pics, and other great stuff!

    – FPC