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  • A Client Review of Fairfax Pet Care

  • We thought this review was pretty awesome, so we decided to post it as a blog for you to read! Enjoy…
    It is with great enthusiasm and confidence that I recommend Fairfax Pet Care.
    There is nothing that Casey Kanode (the owner) and his team didn’t do for me.
    I began using Casey as a pet sitter in the summer of 2012, right before a vacation. I was nervous to leave my 2 dogs and cat in someone’s care, let alone let someone I barely knew have the keys to my house. Immediately I was at ease, and knew I could trust Casey. He met us before sitting began and listened to all my needs—and keeping all of the points I went over in mind, each time he came over. He didn’t blink at the 4 pages of notes I gave to him.
    Casey also left detailed Pet Report cards, and my dogs were very happy and acclimated when I returned.
    My dogs have some special needs, and one of my dogs, who has anxiety, would leave a daily mess…which Casey would always clean up. Even though I provided cleaning materials, Casey was always prepared and had everything he needed in his car.
    About 6 months ago I started a job in MD and decided to purchase daily pet walks. Casey introduced me to Emily, who walked Parker and Emme for 6 months. Parker and Emme really loved Emily, and she blew me away with her dedication.
    Several months ago, Parker had a stroke and developed some medical issues—including bloody noses and sometimes he was unable to walk, or he would fall down. Emily and Casey REALLY helped me—beyond words, is what I can say.
    When Parker – who is 40 pounds- couldn’t walk, Emily would carry him in and out of the house so he could go to the bathroom. She would work with him when he had a bloody nose, and get the medicine down his nose…and believe me, this was no small feat. I felt so much better each day going to work 30 miles away, knowing Emily was taking such good care of them.
    On one day, Parker fell down and knocked over and broke a memorial flower pot I received when my grandmother died. Casey called me that afternoon, and offered to go to Home Depot, buy a new pot and replant my flower—which he did. When I offered to pay, he told me it was a gift. This was so moving to me—who else would do this!? The pot he picked out was beautiful and the gesture meant so much to me.
    When I went on my last vacation, Casey was in constant contact with me about Parker. And Emily would even clean up the blood drops on the carpet—even though she didn’t have to.
    When I came home from my trip, Emily had written me a beautiful note telling me how much she loved Parker & Emme and how much she would miss them when I moved. It brought tears to my eyes. I shared it with everyone.
    Casey and Emily are the only regrets I have about moving—since now I am out of their area of coverage.
    There is not one request Casey and Emily didn’t fulfill—they always worked with me, and responded to all my needs. Casey responds to calls and emails within hours.
    There are many larger dog walking services, where you may get a different dog walker each day. I felt so comfortable knowing that Parker and Emme would Emily to rely on each day.
    I can’t tell you how much I recommend Casey and his team.
    My only suggestion that Casey take a well deserved vacation…the man never stops working.
    –Jennifer Warnock–