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  • Another Wonderful Email From a Happy Customer…

  • Check out this fantastic email from one of our amazing clients…
    Big thanks to Fairfax Pet Care and Liz for the adorable treat baggie! Our pups [names removed for privacy] gobbled them up 🙂 I have to say that switching to Fairfax Pet Care was the best decision we have made for our dogs and my sanity. With our previous dog walking company, I felt that our walker’s relationship with our dogs was limited to their 20 minute walk. With Fairfax Pet Care, I feel like Liz truly takes the time to get to know them. I look forward to seeing their report cards because they are always written with such enthusiasm and Liz takes the time to let me know if something out of the ordinary is going on with the dogs. For example, on Monday she let me know our dog [name removed for privacy] seemed to be favoring his ear and it turned out he had some irritation, probably the start of an infection, and I was able to give him a medicated wash before it got too bad and he needed to go to the vet.
    Just wanted to say thanks, your company is very impressive!
    -A Happy Client [name removed for privacy]