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  • Back to School – EVERY DOG MUST GO! (For a walk)

    Well, it’s September, and that means that many people have kids returning to school. It also means that many local teachers are heading back to work. During the summer months, we often take for granted that having the kids at home means having a companion/walker for our dogs. In the hustle and commotion of getting everyone ready to head back to school, we sometimes forget that poor Fido will need extra love and attention with the whole family now gone during the day.
    This is one of many reasons why September and October are GREAT months to get started with a Monday through Friday walk package for your beloved pooch. In addition to companionship and exercise, you’ll feel at ease knowing that the whole family is accounted for as we head into fall. Plus, let’s be honest… as the weather gets colder, walking your dog can become a bit less fun than during those beautiful summer days. So, why not have us do it for you?
    To make things even more appealing, we’re offering our new clients $50 OFF of an initial 8 Week Pawdestrian Dog Walking Package until 10/1/13! Just check our services and pricing page for more information.
    We wish you and your family a great fall season, and we look forward to adding your dog to our family, too!