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  • Cold Weather Tips From Fairfax Pet Care

    February is traditionally one of the coldest months of the year, so we thought we’d share a few tips with you to make sure your furry friends stay safe and cozy until Spring:
    1. A fur coat doesn’t mean your pet can’t get cold- While most pets do have a nice fur coat to help keep them warm, remember that they can still get cold just like we do. When dealing with cold weather, make sure that your pet is never exposed to very low temperatures for too long. Keep the following in mind:

      – Never leave a pet in your car during the winter.
      – Keep your kitty inside. Cats can freeze in very low temperature weather, or can be exposed to dangerous diseases and situations they wouldn’t normally face.
      – Don’t leave your dog outside in the yard for extended periods.
      – Never shave your dog down to the skin during the winter.
      – Make sure your pet has a warm place to sleep when at home.
      – Puppies, elderly dogs, small dogs, or dogs with very short hair may benefit from a coat or sweater if they will be exposed to cold weather on long walks or outings.

    2. Watch out for kitty- Outdoor cats often hide themselves in car engine compartments or other areas that could pose a danger if you’re not paying attention. Banging on your car hood before starting the engine, honking, or otherwise giving a neighborhood cat a chance to escape is recommended during cold weather.
    3. Wipe your paws- It’s important to make sure that you wipe down your furry pal after any outdoor time in the snow or ice. In addition to drying your pet and helping to keep them warm, wiping your pet down will help remove salt and harmful chemicals used on roads and sidewalks in the winter. It will also help prevent their paws from cracking or bleeding due to packed snow/ice.
    4. Keep ’em fed- Make sure your pup gets enough food in the winter. Just like humans, dogs will often exert extra energy on long walks in the cold, or play time in the snow. A little extra protein will go a long way towards a happy, healthy pup in the cold weather. Keep an eye on your dog’s water dish, as well, to make sure they are getting plenty of hydration, and to ensure their water bowl hasn’t frozen if left outside.
    5. Don’t let Fido off the leash- Dogs can become lost or disoriented in snowy conditions that impede their sense of smell. If lost, dogs will also often find warm hideaways for shelter that end up trapping them. Make sure you keep your pup close, particularly in a snowstorm.
    These are just a few tips that we hope you’ll keep in mind to help your pet stay safe and warm through the winter. For more tips, plus cute pics, great deals, and fun stories, make sure to check out our Facebook Page!
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