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  • New Puppy? Looking for some help?

    The FPC Puppy University is designed to provide the training you'll need to give you and your puppy a great head start! (Questions? Contact Us!)

  • FPC Puppy University Programs

  • Puppy 101
    Our Puppy 101 course is a unique, in-home program designed to provide new puppy owners with the knowledge and skills necessary to give their pup the best start they can. This program was created to teach owners as much as (or more than) the puppies themselves.
    This is a puppy basics training program intended for puppies less than 16 weeks of age.

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  • Intermediate Leash Training
    Need some help to stop your dog from pulling on the leash? This in-home course is intended to teach proper leash walking behavior to puppies and dogs older than 16 weeks.

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