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  • Going On Vacation? Fairfax Pet Care Is Your Pet Sitter Solution!

  • Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re like many people in the Northern Virginia area, you’ve got a number of events/vacations/getaways scheduled, but no plans yet for how you’ll take care of your pet(s) while you’re away.

    Most of the time, bringing your pets with you on a trip is a bit too much to deal with, and often, your pet isn’t even allowed at your final destination. You could board your pets away from home, but this is quite expensive and involves a number of potential problems (such as illness in other pets, other pets treating your pet poorly, anxiety in your pet caused by being away from home, etc.). You could hire a neighborhood child or a co-worker to watch your pets, but let’s face it, they aren’t professionals, and you can never be certain they are providing your pets the care they need.

    This summer, don’t stress over finding the right pet sitter for your pet(s). Fairfax Pet Care’s team of professional pet sitters, with certification in pet CPR and years of experience, are here for you at a great price. We offer regular in-home visits, as well as overnight stays in your home, so your pet never has to break their regular routine.

    When deciding what to do with your pet this summer, Fairfax Pet Care is your best bet, and we can’t wait to help!

    For more information on our pet sitting options, check out our services and pricing page HERE.