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  • Intermediate Leash Training

  • Does your dog pull on the leash?

    Our intermediate leash training program is designed for puppies and dogs 16 weeks of age and older.

    This program consists of three training sessions at your home with you and your dog.

  • Sessions are generally held about 1 week apart.  Each session is approximately 35-45 minutes.  We'll work with you and your dog to:

    • reduce/eliminate pulling
    • promote loose-leash walking
    • teach your dog to walk at your side
    • keep your dog engaged/focused on walks
    • ...and more!

    *Please note, this program is NOT intended to address leash aggression.

  • Intermediate Leash Training Package$175
    Includes three training sessions at your home
  • Leash Training PLUS+$295
    Includes three training sessions PLUS one week (5 days) of 25 minute training walks with a trainer (not available in all areas, spaces are limited)
  • Looking for leash training help for a puppy younger than 16 weeks?  Check out our Puppy 101 course!