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  • Hot Weather Means Dog Park Play – Here Are 5 Simple Tips To Keeping Play Time Safe!

  • As we head into the summer months, more and more dog owners are giving their dog a treat by taking them to the dog park. Dog parks are a great way to give your dog some much needed exercise, socialization, and play time! Before you go, make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind:

    1- Water, Sun and Heat!
    The hot heat of the summer sun can quickly dehydrate your pup, and water is key to keeping them happy and healthy. Make sure you don’t count on other dog owners to bring the water, and bring a gallon with you to share. Fresh water is also important, as stale or overused water at the park can sometimes harbor parasites, so make sure to pour a fresh bowl each time. Keep an eye out for signs your pup is overheating, and make sure to get them out of the sun if they appear overwhelmed. Intense panting, poor coordination, and thick saliva are key signs that you should seek veterinary help. Avoiding peak sun hours is also a great rule of thumb when choosing when to head to the park.

    2- Vaccinate!
    Make sure your dog is up to date with all of their necessary vaccinations. If all dog owners follow this rule, you can feel more confident that your pup won’t catch anything unpleasant from a doggie pal.

    3- Obey!
    Most dog parks have clearly posted rules. For your safety, the safety of your dog, and the safety of others, make sure to always follow these rules.

    4- Watch!
    Make sure to always watch your dog while at the park. Keeping a steady eye on your pup helps to keep them out of dangerous situations or environments, and ensures that your dog is well-guarded from any potential troubles.

    5- Collars Are Key!
    You never know when your dog might get into a little tussle at the park – whether they start it or not! Keeping a collar on your dog ensures that you are able to quickly remove them from tense situations if the need arises.

    Next time you head to the dog park, make sure you and your dog have the safest, happiest trip possible. Follow these 5 tips, and you’ll be well on your way!