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  • Absolutely the best! Fairfax Pet Care takes care of our cats whenever we're out of town. I have used two other pet care companies in the area and have now, for the past three years, stuck with FPC. They are kind, considerate, reasonable, and reliable. Casey, the owner, even takes the time to discuss special needs. We have good communication with them, even while away. I feel comfortable leaving my cats in capable, caring hands. Outstanding care, always.

    PJ P.

  • Fairfax Pet Care is the best!
    They are so attentive and very easy to work with. When I was looking for a dog walking service I wanted to work with a reliable, affordable company, and that's exactly what Fairfax Pet Care is. Not just that, though, they are friendly, responsible and I can trust them with my dogs care! I highly recommend using Fairfax Pet Care for any of your dog walking or pet sitting needs.

    Caitlin O.

  • Casey and his team are absolutely amazing. Similar to most pet owners, our cat is like a child to us; we don't trust his care to just anyone. From the very first visit, we were at ease with Casey and his team and trust them completely. The initial home visit was a great gesture, with supervised meeting time between Casey and our cat. Their responsiveness via email is great; every time I submit a new request, I hear back within a very short time frame. I love the pet report cards! We look forward to seeing these when we return home from a trip.

    If you are looking for a warm, trustworthy resource for pet sitting that won't empty your wallet, look no further. Fairfax Pet Care is the way to go!

    Note: we have only ever used pet sitting and cannot attest to dog walking, etc. Though I have no doubt it would be just as great!

    Angela B.

  • This is the first time we have left our dogs on vacation without having a family member watch them. One of our dogs has a lot of anxiety so we did not want to board them and thought staying at home would be best for them. Casey set up a meeting with us and met both of our crazy dogs and we set up his service to come walk our dogs three times a day for five days while we were away. I actually had nightmares about leaving them on the flight out but that night our dog walker, Nick, sent us an update about the day and really eased my worries. Our dogs are not easy dogs to walk either and there were no worries whatsoever! They were also VERY nice about all my emails and 5 page note that I left behind (like I said - I was very nervous).
    We arrived home last night very late and were so happy to see our happy pups welcome us and read the wonderful note that was left for us!!

    Megan B.

  • We started with FPC a few months ago, and what a dramatic difference in customer service from our last service! Casey and Janie are AWESOME. Despite the fact that I'm high maintenance and a worry wart when it comes to my dog, they responded to my questions in a timely and thorough manner. All billing and scheduling inquiries were given the attention I thought was required. I really do not have a single complaint about them, and that's a real feat.
    I'm sure my dog enjoys the walks, but equally important- I don't have to worry about her when I'm at work!!

    Colby S.

  • Through the years, my wife and I have used several dog walkers for our high energy and sometimes difficult to walk terrier mix. I've never written a review for any of them because I never thought they were exceptional; hence, we generally only stayed with those walkers for a few months at a time.

    We have now worked with Fairfax Pet Care for approximately two years, and could not be happier. While our previous dog walkers would leave the same exact standard note everyday (which I often wondered about the accuracy), Fairfax Pet Care leaves detailed notes specific for the day. If my dog was not feeling it that day, I knew about it. If my dog was chasing squirrels, I knew about that also. The excellent communication doesn't stop there. There have been several occasions where the owner (Casey) has called me during the day to alert me of a specific problem. For example, there was an instance in which my dog was very lethargic (total opposite of his normal self) and did not greet the walker at the door. While everything turned out to be fine with my dog, I appreciated his genuine concern. There was another instance in which the lock to my front door was broken; I was notified right away.

    Every dog walking company has a high turn-over rate in walkers. That's the nature of the business; however, I have yet to experience an employee or walker with Fairfax Pet Care that did not have a great personality. I have had specifically great experiences with Shelby (our previous walker) and Chris (our current walker).

    As a whole, Fairfax Pet Care is an excellent small business. From the first few seconds you speak to Casey, you can tell that this is not just a hobby for him (although he does love dogs a lot). He is an excellent communicator, the definition of professional, and works with his customers to ensure the best possible service.

    My wife and I would 100 percent continue to use Fairfax Pet Care for our dog walking services, but unfortunately we are moving out of their service area. If you are looking for pet services in the Fairfax area, you would be doing yourself a favor by giving Casey and his staff a call.

    Bobby K.

  • I can't say enough good things about Casey Kanode (owner) and his company, Fairfax Pet Care. They've been walking our dog for 3 years now, and they do overnights for her as well. Casey runs a very professional, reliable company and all of the walkers he has working for him have been lovely and attentive to our pet. They write very nice notes after each walk about how our dog behaved that day, and our dog seems very comfortable with the staff. Casey has gone out of his way over the past 3 years to accommodate our every need, even once having one of his walkers come all the way to our house (off-schedule) to rescue me when I'd locked myself out of my own house. LoL! Casey even had someone water my plants for me while I was on vacation for over a week. They truly are full service, and will do anything you need (assuming they can reasonably accommodate).

    I never have to worry about my dog when she is in the hands of Fairfax Pet Care, even when I'm out of town for days. I trust them, and you should too.

    Deb P.

  • FPC has taken care of my boxer, Sugar Ray, for six months. They are extremely flexible, always on time and they deal very well with my boxer, who is a handful! I think their prices are very reasonable, and when I need to work Saturdays, they just fit me right in. I interviewed 5 different companies, and this one was the best. Highly recommend!!

    Sarah C.

  • I currently work with Fairfax Petcare for my black lab, and I couldn't be happier. They are priced perfectly, professional, diligent and always take care of the details. The owner, Casey is always responsive and we are very satisfied with their service. I highly recommend them! I don't trust everyone with my very special little girl, but definitely trust Fairfax Petcare to take care of her! Talk to Casey, he will totally make you feel comfortable if you are looking for quality service.

    Christine G.